Member Profile: Monet Fauntleroy


Q: Describe your profession?


A: “My job is to evaluate and deploy emerging technology, such as artificial intelligence, to drive innovative ways for our Firm to deliver legal services"


Q: What attracted you to Womanufacture?


A: “I work hands-on in the tech space, and I am a maker as much as someone who makes clothes or builds physical objects.  I was looking for an opportunity to make something outside of my day-to-day to experience to exercise my 'making muscle'.”


Q: What was a takeaway for you?


A: “In making with Womanufacture, I learned that imagination and practicality actually work hand-in-hand; there is a balance of both skills and creative expression”


Q: Did you connect with interesting people in your workshop?


A: “Absolutely. It's incredible to meet women from all types of different professional backgrounds and to see how these problem-solving skills translate in other areas of work”